Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France



DutchHaven's Glad You Got To CeCe Me






Whelped February 26, 2014

Ch. TroutCreek Cooper Spur x TroutCreeks Sometimes Ya Feel Lika Nut

CeCe is spayed.




CeCe is our miracle girl.

CeCe was the only survivor of a litter of two, premature. Bottle-fed from day one, she was a fighter. We bottle fed her around the clock every two hours...she even came to work with me.

Because of her fragile condition, when it was time to dock her tail, we chose not to, as it may have jeopardized her health. She has a natural tail.

She has the stature of Peanut and the personality of Cooper....a wonderful combination!

She is now a very healthy 9 month old, about 18 lbs...I know that's on the small size, but we are surprised she even got that big. She is very active and has fit right in. She is a very special girl.




CeCe 8 weeks old.