About Us

We are located in McMinnville, Oregon, just SW of Portland, and we've lived in the same place since we got married in 1987. Our house was a fixer-upper then, and seems to be under constant construction since then, but it is where we call home. We have just under half an acre here, fenced and in town. It's perfect for us and our dogs, who are like our kids to us. Here they are allowed to be dogs, run around in the yard, chase birds and play all they want. They have the run of the house too. They are very spoiled, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Now that most of the major fixing is done, we plan on staying here a very long time. Many of our "gone but not forgotten" pets are buried here as well.

When it's time for a show, they clean up pretty well, just gotta keep them out of the pond! Cockers do seem to love the water, among other things. They have all the comforts of home, even sleep in our bed (yes all 3 of them!)

Enjoy the website, and hopefully we'll see you at an upcoming show.